Upravit stránku

Steel casting is among the oldest and most respected fields at VHM – after all, casting has more than a 120-year tradition in our company. The annual capacity of 13,000 tonnes worth of castings makes us one of the largest foundries in Europe in terms of weight and dimensions of produced castings. The castings are intended for metallurgy (rolling mills, pressing mills, forges, foundries), shipbuilding and power, cement, mining and oil industries.

We use MAGMA SOFT software to prepare and simulate the optimal production technology both in terms of weight optimization and ensuring the required internal quality of the castings.  Thanks to the subsequent individual and professional preparation of casting moulds in our proprietary mould modelling and forming plants, we are able to achieve unique results and quality.

Our long-lasting tradition, modern technology and unique know-how allow us to deliver the most sophisticated orders.



Carbon, low and high-alloy steels


max. 14,000 x 8,000 x 4,000 mm

Net weight

max. 170 t

Shipment Status:

Not stocked, stocked or treated for immediate usage