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Supplying parts and units for the cement industry is a relatively recent addition to the VHM portfolio – after all, the mere thirty years we have engaged in supplying this field are but a brief moment in the almost two hundred years of the entire company history.

However, that makes the cement industry an even more promising area for production development to reap the benefits of VHM’s wealth of experience from other fields, as well as fully utilize the potential of the complex production process offered thanks to the enclosed manufacturing cycle – from the production of raw iron of the required composition, mould modelling and casting to in-house ingot production and precise machining.

This allows us to provide cement industry customers with expert advice from the very start of the project and to recommend the most suitable product variants based on their requests. This applies for a wide variety of materials and dimensions, piece production or production of large volumes.

Our unique know-how from other heavy machinery fields is utilized in the development and manufacturing of unique cement industry products.  These include milling mill faces, which are more reliable and durable compared to products of standard designs thanks to a combination of two production technologies.

Last but not least, we are able to assemble complex units in specialised halls, as well as provide anti-corrosion treatment and shipping of all parts and components for all your products.