Upravit stránku

Wind power, as well as hydro power, currently represents a significant, clean and most importantly renewable energy source. Utilizing natural elements such as wind and water flow, wind and hydro plants are able to transform their kinetic energy into electrical energy.

Thanks to the production and precision of VHM, components for hydro and wind power plants are a strategic part of our production portfolio. Especially in the production and delivery of wind and hydro shafts, we have been a significant and respected producer with over 120 years of tradition.

Monoblock shafts are the first of the main types of produced shafts, manufactured in weights of up to 80 tonnes. Welded shafts are the second main type. Utilizing unique “narrow gap welding” technology”, they can be made in weights over 150 tonnes.

Other water and wind power products are by no means lagging behind the shaft production, representing a sizeable portion of the overall capacity of VHM deliveries for our business partners across the world.

Thanks to the complex production cycle within a single facility, VHM is able to design or verify component designs, ensure sufficient metallurgy processes in the required quality and chemical composition, model unique casting moulds for the final products and process forgings in a wide variety of dimensions. If requested by customers we deliver the final product in a precisely machined state, including surface treatment, ready for assembly and operation.
In a segment where any inaccuracy, quality issue or delay means major economic losses, we are considered a respected and time-tested manufacturer, capable of meeting the strictest requirements of our partners.