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The nuclear programme was launched at VHM in the 70s.  Since 1978, which is the year of manufacture and delivery of the first steam generators and volume compensators, the portfolio of products for the nuclear power industry has been growing exponentially, focusing on the latest trends and reactor types.

Over the 40 years of being active in the nuclear power field, VHM has most importantly participated in deliveries for VVER-type reactors – namely VVER-440 V213 and VVER-1000 V320. Components manufactured by VHM can be found in nuclear plants across the world, for example, the Balakovska nuclear plant. Rostov nuclear plant, Kalinin nuclear plant, Hungarian Paks nuclear plant, Bulgarian Belene, Finnish Lovisia, Czech power plants in Temelín and Dukovany, Slovak power plants in Jaslovské Bohunice and Mochovce, as well as power plants in China (Tianwan) and India (Kudankulam). Since the 90s, the company has also been manufacturing parts for western-type nuclear plants.

In 1994 to 1998, VHM would also supply parts for nuclear plants in France for FRAMATOME’s 900MW blocks. Later on, steam generator part deliveries also went to nuclear plants in India as a part of an Indian project for a 700MW block.

VHM continues to focus its activities in the field of nuclear power on strategic deliveries for existing and new power plant construction projects across the entire world, as well as new reactor types (VVER 1200) and part supplying for spent nuclear power and nuclear waste storage containers.


  • VVER 1000 and 1200

  • Westinghouse AP 1000

  • EPR


  • Akkyuku NPP Turkey
    Akkyuku NPP Turkey
  • Balakovska NPP Russia
    Balakovska NPP Russia
  • Temelín NPP Czech Republic
    Temelín NPP Czech Republic
  • Kudankulam NPP India
    Kudankulam NPP India