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Deliveries for the industrial fields engaged in oil and gas processing are another of the quickly developing segments of the VHM portfolio.

The vast experience and talent of our experts allow us to move the boundaries of forging and machining equipment. That is why we can offer our customers in the oil and gas processing industry products meeting the strictest requirements in terms of material composition, micro-structure, dimensional allowances and quality control.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge in multi-discipline project engineering, our production and project capabilities are set to meet the rapidly changing requirements of this specific field and market, from the processing of detailed project drafts, precise manufacturing and machining to turnkey deliveries to the installation points.

In addition to standard products, VHM is also engaged in the development and manufacturing of design-unique products for the oil and gas industry, such as high-pressure hydrogen storage vessels with capacities of up to 6,000 litres or 1,500l steel tanks with an operating pressure of 1,000 bar.