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The main prerequisite for long-term collaboration and client satisfaction is the ability of the company to deliver products at maximum quality and in conformity with the customer’s technological procedures and requirements. At VHM, all quality-impacting factors are managed via systematic, documented and controlled procedures. This results in high-quality products and services, customer satisfaction and delivery reliability.

We are committed to ensuring the continuous unique-level quality of our products and services. The basis for maintaining the long-term high level of products is the VHM integrated management system, which is fully in accordance with main international quality, environmental and occupational health&safety standards and subject to improvement on a daily basis. The customer trust in the quality of our products is therefore supported by  independent proof of the technical, organizational and personal prerequisites of the company.

Thanks to our systematic approach, we are able to respond to the ever more demanding requests of our customers. We thus meet the product technical specification requirements as well as requirements regarding operational safety, reliability and environmental impact.

We keep improving the stable high quality level of our products, not just based on ever-increasing customer requirements, but also in coordination with the up-to-date requirements of domestic and global legislation.

The precise set-up of our quality management system is verified by the dozens of customer and certification audits that VHM undergoes every year. Customer opinion of our quality level is always the most important factor for us.