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When it comes to ship part manufacturing, VHM is a global supplier of all main parts of propeller and rudder systems.

The ship part manufacturing tradition reaches back to 1897, which is when the first crankshaft was produced for the Habsburg battle cruiser of the Austro-Hungarian Kriegsmarine. Since then, the ship programme has been an integral part of the company’s production portfolio.

Over the course of our 120-year tradition in the shipbuilding industry, you would be able to find our products in all types of civilian and military vessels across the world.

The current production portfolio is focused predominantly on utilizing our unique experience, know-how and sophisticated production technologies for the production of long parts for propeller drives. This is supplemented by the development and production of hollow and connecting shafts.

Another strong area of production involves deliveries of rudder systems and their parts, such as rudder pins and trunks, rudder stocks, rudder horns and helm fin parts. The production portfolio is supplemented by the production and deliveries of stern pulleys for special AHTS ships.